My New Scale And An Unpleasant Surprise!

5 years ago

I just got a new bathroom scale because the one i was using before broke the piece that holds and connects the batteries, so there really wasn`t a way to fix it and since it was already old the best thing to do was to buy a new one.
I looked in some stores because i wanted a digital one and i was going to get one from Lidl from one of their promos but when i got there they were out of stock =/ so after passing on media market i found this one and got it.

It coasted 14.90(around 19$) and it caught my eye right away because i think it looks very nice, especially for the price. Its pretty easy to use and quick, you just put yourself on top of it and it turns on quickly and giving you your weight right away, so in just seconds the weight number blinks and you have your weight.
Its from Tristar which is a brand that Mediamarket sells a lot of stuff from and its a low cost brand from what i have seen but still very good, offering nice products for low prices and to be honest i don`t care about the brand i just want it to be durable, good and also cheaper =D

I have to say that I am not that happy with it because as soon as i stepped on it, it told me i was heavier, so i don`t like it lol Be to be fair, the last time i weighed my self was in the beginning of the year and im still well in the healthy range and also considering that i haven`t been that active and my diet hasn`t been the best, it was expected.

Now in all seriousness, its a good scale, cheap, and i think it looks nice and simple. It was also a good reminder that i need to get back to more healthy ways.

<strong>What scale do you use? Digital or the ones with the needle(sorry, don`t know the proper name =/ )?
Have you also had a not so pleasant surprise when steeping into a scale?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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