My New San Yan Pai Range Hood

4 years ago

I finally was able to do some remodeling to my kitchen today. Over my stove I used to have a microwave. I guess it`s called the over the stove where there is a built in smoke exhaust underneath the microwave. I hated it, it sucks. The power is awful so when I cook the smoked detectors would go off. And overtime, there would be oil build up on my cabinets and on the microwave. There were even oil build up inside the microwave too and it was a pain in the you know what to cook too since there were little space between the stove and microwave. But today my darling husband took off the microwave and replaced it with this San Yang Pai () Range Hood. It`s stainless steel and gives me more space between the stove so I don`t end up bumping my head like I used to and it`s easier to reach the pots that are in the back. It has a C.F.M of 720 with twin motors. Mine is 30" wide and it has 2 speed controls (low and high) with a built in light. It has 4 oil drip catchers, two in the back and 2 in the front where those two fans are so you don`t have to worry about oil dripping into your food while you cook. I believe they have 3 different width sizes, I got the smallest due to the space between the cabinets. We only paid around $255 for this range. We actually bought this at a Chinese owned hardware store. I`ve checked for ranges online and found that they have a C.F.M of 400 or lower which means that they aren`t powerful. And this one is 750 C.F.M, so this is really powerful. The model I have is the CY-85. I also like that it`s stainless steel, so it goes with my kitchen. Now I just need to change my countertops and maybe a new fridge. Thank you for reading!

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