My new samsung Galaxy S4 Mini!

3 years ago

I`ve always been a huge iphone fan and had one for the last 4 years, but currently my iphone was acting like a fool and i knew it was time to get a new phone.

I decided to switch things up, part of this decision was because i wasn`t willing to spend 700 on a new phone so when i saw the galaxy S4 mini for 300 the decision was made.
This phone has about the size of an iphone and the screen is as good as my iphone 4. now the difference is the system.. now i miss iOS a little bit, but that will chance once i get to know my phone a little better.

now the thing that really convinced me to buy this one and not another is that it also has 8gb, just as iphone. But i can put an sd cart in it for music an pictures so i get allot of extra gb which is pretty important to me because i make allot of pictures with my phone and it contains about 200 songs .

i`m very happy with this phone, but i do miss my iphone.. but i guess it`s just because i was used to iOS and now i have to learn to work with the phone all over again. i do highly recommend this phone!

-picture is mine

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