My New Rilakkuma iPod Case

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Once again, long time no blog post. School has been completely and totally kicking my butt and I haven`t really had time for much other than eating, sleeping, schoolwork, and maybe some Youtubing but other than that, my schedule is crammed! Thank goodness its the weekend so that I can make a post which is quite scarce for me right now x) This case, like the one I showed in the previous post was from Points2Shop which I explained earlier. I don`t want to waste text here explaining it but if you want to check out my previous post that mentions the website, then you can click I thought this was adorable and you can get it on Amazon for about $4.99 or somewhere around there and all you have to do to find this is search up Pink Bear iPod Touch Case and this should come up! If you want other colors, those are available from what I have seen as well. I thought that this case was freaking adorable! Its a Japanese bear character called Rilakkuma and I love this! I`ve always been kind of a fan of cute and decorative cases which is why I use them. Like I know cases are meant to protect the device, but they are kind of just for decorative purposes for me lol! I also like that this case adds alot of thickness to the iPod and makes it twice as heavy. LOL its bulky which lots of people wouldn`t like but I like there to be some bulk so that it doesn`t feel like I`m going to break the iPod, you know? This makes my iPod feel about as thick as an iPhone with a case like an Otterbox on so it definitely gives you sometime to hold on to ^__^
What do you think of this case?
*Pictures are mine, please do not take* bear

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