My New Rayban Sunglasses!

4 years ago

I recently bought my first pair of sunglasses. I know, I know, my first? Yeah, actually. Ive never really had sunglasses before. Ive worn glasses most of my life and never bothered to get sunglasses because (obviously) the ones at stores are not prescription and it was vision vs. protection. Ive still not gotten contact lenses either (for no particular excuse other than I havent bothered and I like wearing glasses) so I couldnt pop in my contacts and wear the sunglasses. Recently I decided to upgrade my glasses (/viz/my-new-guess-glasses) and figured I should get prescription sunglasses as well. The glasses I bought are Ray Bans, the original thick frames ones. I have to say, I never thought Id like this trend, but Ive been loving these glasses! Ive always preferred the aviator style glasses and wanted those when I first decided to do this, but then tried on and fell in love with something I never thought I would! Its funny how we can be so sure of what well like/dislike and you never really know! Anyways these are great, not just for the quality of them, but because the style is bigger it covers more of my eye area (which has never really gotten protection). Ive got fine lines at the corners of my eyes (I smile with all my facial features and so Ive developed some crows feet) and wanted to protect the area to prevent pre-mature aging. (I do also use eye serums and eye creams to help that as well). Anyways let me know what you guys think of my glasses, or what style you prefer if its not this one. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and happy Luuuxing! All images and opinions are my own.

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