My New Rainbows

4 years ago

i haven`t nearly worn out my first pair of rainbows yet, but a friend of mine from school came all the way down to socal and he really wanted to hit up the rainbows factory/outlet in san clemente. i figured i might as well get something too if i`m gonna go all the way out there.

the outlet used to be a lot cheaper and the prices have gone up a bit, but whatevs... i mean it was inevitable. my pair cost $43 including tax which isn`t too much of a discount from the $50-55 I would have to pay at a store like nordstrom. HOWEVER, all rainbows sold in retail stores now are mass produced "by hand" in china, and i`m admittedly a little dubious about this. as a chinese person, believe me i want to have faith in everything produced in my nation of origin but no, that`s not really the case.

anywho, going on...

at the rainbows factory, there are SO MANY PAIRS OF RAINBOWS and you can just grab a pair that you want. there are random styles you would never find at a retail store (at least i`ve never seen them) including platform flip flops and these ones with crystals.

the best thing about being to choose is i was able to find a pair made in the US. these pairs will explicitly state that they are made in the US on a tag that is attached. sadly, i removed and disposed of the tag before i took a photo of it, but there is a tag that ties the shoes together that says "made in the USA" on it. also, there is no clear tag on either shoe, and those tags always have "made in china" on it. from what i`ve read/heard, the "made in US" shoes sold at the rainbows factory are actually handmade right there! pretty awesome :) i`m always excited to support home grown businesses.

i actually wanted another color, a darker espresso color, but seeing as i couldn`t find a pair of american made ones, i decided to opt for this pair. they`re "tan brown," but admittedly they look more like a burnt caramel. once i wear them in though, the color doesn`t really make that big of a difference because the parts where your feet have worn into the shoe darken.

my first/current pair are still holding up totally fine and i love them! i`ve put them through a lot but i swear they`re the most comfortable shoes i`ve ever worn. just gotta break `em in, and that`s the tough part! they`re going to last me a really long time but at least i have this other pair in case that one ever falls apart on me... which i don`t think will be any time soon.

have you heard of rainbows? do you own a pair?

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