My New Purse from Charles amp Keith! PICS HEAVY!

5 years ago

I`m the type of person who will keep using the same purse from a couple of years ago; i just don`t find why i should spend $20 on a purse when i already have so many from when i was younger!

Well lately because I`m about to start work (finally) i do want better purses and bags, but from more higher brands such as Guess and such.

For Christmas i got this from my Aunty, but because we were caravaning at the time it only showed up the other day when my dad was going through the car!

It`s actually quite big, considering i am still a student and so on. I think this will be my school purse, the type of purse I carry around to school and such and yeah. Then I`ll get a bigger one for shopping and such and rotate between them!

It`s very stylish, and because it is brown it matches a lot of outfits! I love the bow on it with the little symbol of <strong> Charles & Keith</strong> before now i never did hear of it, but it is not a cheap purse still, it`s over $30 i think, i didn`t see the exact price for the model, seeing that it was a gift and so, but other purses from the retail for around $30.

I love this and I can`t wait to start to put all my stuff in it! I`m starting school this coming Tuesday; so i`ll get it all ready soon!

<strong> Have you ever heard of Charles & Keith before?</strong>

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