My New PS3 (From The Luuux Shop)

5 years ago

Since i only had the ps2 since they first came out, i decided i would get the ps3 and because it can be used as a media center, so that is cool.
I saved for it here on luuux and here it is my second prize, the ps3.

The ps3 bundle/pack you get is actually different than what i was expecting, i was thinking it was the one with only one move controller but its actually with 2, so now i have a spare one that i bought before the ps3 because i thought it would came with one lol
This is the main box and inside you can find one with the ps3 ( official box) and smaller cardboard one for the eye camera and move controllers, all very neatly arranged, and the sports champions game.
I have actually had it for some time now but i have been testing it out and unfortunately haven`t had the time to complete the review like I have envisioned it lol but i have started writing part of it and i still want to test more stuff on the ps3.

From what i have been testing, the ps3 is a good choice for a game console and for a luuux prize, im happy with it because i have a functional media center that i can connect to the computer also ( i will teach how later because it requires more explanation), and an awesome game console that i need yet to buy some more games to try it, but the best ones are so expensive.

So as you can see im happy with it and i recommend a ps3 if you are looking for a new game console or a new luuux goal and im not really a gamer, so you can see the ps3 is making a good impression on me.

In case you are wondering about the luuux price, it was 26,055 Luuux$ and took around 10 days from creating the order to receive it, so pretty fast.

Like i said, im still testing stuff on the ps3 that i will then post about but expect a full review on the ps3 soon =)

<strong>What do you think of my prize choice? Do you have a ps3 also?
What was your recent shop purchase or which item do you want?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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