My new piggy bank!

4 years ago

This is another ridiculousl late post. I picked up this piggy bank a few weeks ago from Target. I wasn`t planning on getting on, but when I saw it I just placed it in my cart.

I did a post on saving change a long time ago. Around the time when I first started here on Luuux. Anytime I would use cash, and would receive change it would go in my change jar. Also since we drink al ot of bottle water here, I recycle the bottles and the refund goes into my jar. At the end of every year I would empty it out and use it for Christmas presents. ou would be surprised at how much one saves. The most I have saved in a year has been a little under $300. Not bad.

Anyhow, my "change jar", held a lot but wasn`t appealing to the eye. In the beginning I used a large water bottle. I`m talking about a gallon. That was ok, but I grew tired of that. I moved onto something else. I began using a large nestea can. It was about a foot tall, and 5-6" wide. What I would do was clean the inside, and remove the wrapping on the outside, leaving it brown, like a brown paper bag. I would also keep the lid. That wasn`t bad at all and I would have kept using it, but I stumbled along the piggy you see pictured above.

It was just too cute to pass up. Its hot pink, and has a flower barrette (sp). She also has the words "shoe fund" written on her side, which I love since I`m a fan of shopping. What took the cake for me was that she was wearing shoes. Not just any kind of shoes, but heels. MINE!!! She cost a mere $12.

I should also mention, that there is a tab on the buttom to remove the change. I know some piggy backs come without them.

What do you all think of my piggy bank? Would you use this? Do you own a piggy bank?

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