My new phone - The Blackberry Q10!

3 years ago

I`m a total Blackberry fan and even when the entire world is using the iPhone, I refuse to become an "iDiot" or "iSheep" (no offence LOL)

I`ve had the Blackberry Bold for a a few years and rarely had any issues with it. Near the end of it`s life, it started having some issues with battery life, but I just bought a new battery and all was well.

But even so, my phone was over 3 yeas old, so it was definitely time for an upgrade!

When the Z10 came out, I was a little hesitant - my favourite part about Blackberry products is the keyboard, and the z10 is a full touch screen phone.

But I was excited to hear about the Q10 coming out, so I waited a few more months before upgrading.

I`ve had the phone for about a month no, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It`s actually amazing. The new software is great, and since the screen is still touch, it makes the phone so much more versatile.
And since it has the trusty keyboard, it makes typing so much easier! I mostly use my phone for work, and writing emails on the go, and a touch screen simply will not cut it!

A few of my friends have looked at my phone and have switched! 2 of my friends got the Z10, one got the Q10, and one is waiting another month for their contract to expire to get the 10 (she thinks lol).

Have you guys seen the new BBs? What do you think of them? What type of phone do you have?

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