My new pair of earrings!

5 years ago

Today was pretty much a lazy day for me,i didn`t do nothing just hang with my sister(which is almost everyday)=D.My sister told me that she wanted to get a tattoo ,and i told her she was crazy.She had this idea since she was 18 which she`s 21 now.i can`t say no because she is old enough to make her own decision.So i told that i would go with her.We went to this tattoo shop called divinity tattoo.This tattoo shop is in 2126 East Cactus Road

They had pretty pictures and what kind of art they make(i actually wanted to get a tattoo but i needed to buy other things).My sister wanted a tattoo of my grandfather;s name who passed away six years ago,So i told her that it was a good, and it meant for a good reason .She actually made her tattoo and it had my grandfather`s last and first name(sorry that i couldn`t;t take a picture all take them later)=).She actually cried when she saw it and i just started crying too.

Anyway when she was doing her tattoo i was looking for other stores,and one that caught my eye was this jewelry store.I love acessories and i will always love them.What i bought from the store was a pair of earrings.I don`t really like to wear earrings.Why? because they hurt when i wear them alot and i could only wear them for like an hour .

I couldn`t wear them anymore when i was 13 years old.I could wear earrings ,but only if they are real the fake plastic ones hurt so badly.I wear the gold earrings the most.
So these earrings are silver and they have a flower shape in the middle of the earring.They are pretty big ,but i still love them .
These cost me about 3 dollars.

**Pictures are mine**

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