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Check out this gorgeous necklace that I purchased recently! I got it for $7 from (If you join this site, enter code BNROD for a $5 shopping credit!) . It was originally sold at Forever 21 for about $14 I believe. The pendant isn`t as bulky or wide as it may seem here in the picture. This necklace caught my eye because of the words displayed `Carpe Diem` which is Latin for `Seize the day` or `Live each day to the fullest`. Although I don`t always `Carpe Diem` I thought I would buy this necklace to remind myself that this is what I need to do as much as possible because with all that`s been going on around the world, these events clearly scream out, `LIFE IS SHORT SO LIVE IT WHILE YOU CAN!` Not to be pessimistic or anything but this is the truth. I take this Latin phrase in a positive sense and I know by wearing it from time to time that it will inspire and remind those to live each day as if there`s no tomorrow. Well that`s for those who know what it means : p Another reason why this necklace caught my eye is that IT`S DIFFERENT! I just love to be younique (unique)! Almost anything that`s rare or pretty much extinct from society I love and bring back to incorporate into my wardrobe. Nothing too crazy though. Anyway, I love this necklace A LOT and I can`t wait to wear it!

In the 2nd picture there`s a jade jewelry set I got this from my local dollar store. The crazy thing about this set is that it is REAL JADE!! Can you believe it?! REAL JADE at a dollar store?!!! It was $3.99 though not $1 unfortunately. How do I know this is real jade? Well I watched some youtube videos and I learned that real jade is cold to the touch and feels a little weighty which is EXACTLY how this set feels. I know that jade is highly regarded in the Chinese culture. It is known for protecting and attracting prosperity. And in ancient times the Empress was the only one allowed to have this precious rock. I may not be 100% correct but this is what I can remember. I`ll do further research about its history soon. I personally don`t regard jade as a `good luck charm` or anything but I must say that I am IN LOVE with it! It`s in my favorite color: GREEN! I will eventually get a lighter jade necklace and ring, they are GORGEOUS!


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