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4 years ago

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You don`t have to be fat or out of shape to do pilates. If you are skinny and petite and still in shape but you want to tone your muscles and get that stomach you can still develop them by doing pilates and eating healthy.

So lately the beautiful Miley Cyrus has been posting pictures of her new body on twitter! Everyone knows she`s been on this gluten-free diet and doing lots of Pilates! Ever since she`s been tweetin` photos of her results, it kind of motivates me to get up off the couch and start doing some workout routines. I`ve been doing pilates at home and I have to say that it is extremely hard if you do not have patience.

Pilates is a little different from `working out`. Pilates uses less energy than running or lifting weights. The point of it is to improve your physical strength, improve posture, and enhance your mental health. The bonus is it makes you look tone and fit :)

Wether you hate her or not, you have to admit her body looks fantastic! Some may say that she looks `too skinny` but I disagree, her body right now is extremely healthy and fit. She definitely did lose weight but if you didn`t know when you do any form of exercising you lose weight before you start gaining muscles! She is at that point now where she is building those muscles.

Miley`s pilates teacher is Mari Winsor, if you want to do some pilates at home just search up her teacher on youtube and you will find some videos of her demonstrating some postures and routines.

All you will need is some space, a yoga mat, and clothes that are flexible and stretchy.

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