My New Madison Sunglasses!

5 years ago

The other day I was helping my friend with her room and such, and helping her organise her makeup when she threw these at me and asked me if I wanted them. Of course I didn`t say no and I was excited for some more sunglasses! I don`t wear sunglasses often, but I love collecting them and such!

<em> If you are wondering, the brand Madison is actually a magazine, meaning that she most likely bought a magazine and this came as a free gift with it!</em>

For a magazine free gift it is very good quality and style, i need big lens to suit me, small ones just seem to look too weird on me! So these go perfectly!

<em> It says it has Medium sun glare reduction a d good UV protection, as well as Lens Category 2</em>

I usually head aches from sun glare so i need medium sun glare reduction to strong! So this is great! I have not worn them out yet, but I can`t wait too!

<strong> Do you like wearing sunglasses?</strong>

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