My New Luminess Airbrush System :D

Hey Guys!

So i wanted to share with you guys this gift that i got from my mom. This is an early graduation gift from her and frankly, i love it. It is the Luminess Airbrush system. This isnt a full on review, but if you guys want, i definitely have an opinion about it. I just wanted to show you guys this right now :)

So let me walk you through what the set has. And what better way than through pictures? I`ll be telling you guys some opinions of the products and such. So without babbling so much, here are the things.

<strong>PIC 2:</strong>
- So this is the actual airbrush "gun". Its rather light and its very comfortable to hold. There is obviously a nozzle where the air comes out and there is a sifter where you put in the foundations, primers, bronzer etc.

<strong>PIC 3:</strong>
- This is the airbrush base. I dont really know the make up jargon of this but im calling this the compressor. It has a cute butterfly etched into it. I like that its nice and subtle too. It has a nice glossy finish. This is where i pretty much plug it in

<strong>PIC 4:</strong>
- So the set came with a few shades of foundation, a bronzer, primer and a blush. These are the foundation shades that i got. These are apparently the Ultra foundation one.

- Shade 3 - 6 (My foundation color is Shade 5 and i am an NC40)
- Bronzer (It doesnt really have a shade name or number or anything lol)
- Blush in Soft Rose-2N
- Moist Primer
- Brightening Glow (Highlighter)

These products all separate but they that is totally normal. Luminess products are water bases so you really gotta give it a nice shake before using them or they wont act properly on your face and the air brush. I shake them for a good 30 seconds.

<strong>PIC 5:</strong>
- The kit came along with some air brush eyeshadows. I tried them out on my airbrush and they arent as difficult as i thought they would be. They came in 2 colors. I havent felt the texture of them so im not so sure on what they feel like.

- Eyeshadow in 41 and 28

<strong>PIC 6:</strong>
- It also came with this bottle. Even though i looks filled, it was totally empty but i feel like i should show you guys this. Its just an empty bottle and i basically filled it with 1/3 and 2/3 alcohol. This is really essential for cleaning your air brush because you gotta clean it per use.

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of this in the comments below :)

till later
- Jemimah

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