My New Love: Having My Hair Up

4 years ago

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(I can only wish to look like Soyeon of T-ara. Lol.)

I don`t know what it`s been, but I`ve been loving my hair up. It`s a very strange thing because I have very long hair that I adore. In the summer, I`ll do things like curling it and having it down but never tie it up.

I never liked having my hair up for a few reasons.

-I do not like playing with my hair and messing with it to get the updo looking nice. After a while, my arms start cramping up.

-I have thick hair and it just never stays up. My hair accessories always fail me. My hair wants to be free. That`s that.

-Bobby pins fall out. All the updos that require bobby pins never work. Again, I have thick hair and it just doesn`t stay. No matter how much I want to have a bun, my hair disagrees.

-I don`t like having my hair in a ponytail because i always stretch out the hair band. It also looks funny on me.

I can probably go on, but I`ll save you the trouble. So you may be wondering why I have this new love then? Simply put, I don`t care anymore. With my longer hair length nowadays it`s been a huge hassle with the wind tangling it up and getting it all in my face. I`ve decided I`m fed up and like it out of the way. I also invested in some better hair accessories suit for my thick hair.

How do you like your hair? Up or down?
Do you have the same issues I did? Or the complete opposite?

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