My new leopard print heels(Sort of heels)

5 years ago

Last Saturday i went shopping with my friends and cousins.I love shopping so much i`m like a shopaholic it`s so fun to go shopping and see new outfit`s ,and buying them the most.Who doesn`t love shopping?

Next week i`m going to this party and i want to look nice from head to toe.We usually go to Ross.That`s one of my favorite stores to go to because they have nice brands and they are so cheap there.But we didn`t ,so we went to dds .This store is similar to Ross it`s different because of the name .I would prefer dds now .Ross has to many women that are a pain in the a** and i`m not looking for a fight lol.

dds has good shoes .I `ve never seen a pair that i don`t like they are so gorgeous.But the bad part is that sometimes there are only small sizes.Since one of my sister`s has big feet she can`t never find her size which is sad for her.But that`s why she has a good job.Anyway i was looking for shoes or heels.

I normally don`t like those big heels because then my feet start hurting and i feel very tired.Anyway i saw these leopard print heels an i fell in love with them .At first i didn`t think they were that gorgeous but why not start wearing leopard,since i see girls with leopard tops,pants,shoes,and even accessories.Heels are very pretty but very uncomfortable.

My family is the type of people that likes really big high heels.Unfortunally i`m not, i like to wear more flats,converse,or anything that will keep my feet not tired.All probably wear these shoes with a black top or something else.I love how they are not that tall.I bought three pairs but i`m going to do them in different post.Only one pair is really high heels.I don`t really know if i could walk in them they look pretty big and very tall.I`m going to start taking lessons =D.What do you think of my leopard print shoes?**Pictures are mine please do not steal**

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