My new kindle fire! :)

5 years ago

Basically .. I am technology challenged. I never know what the newest gadgets are in all honesty, I don`t really care. I still own the oldest iPod and I finally just upgraded my phone from a motorola razor I had for three years. I am an avid book reader. I try to read as much as I can. At least a couple a month if I have time. It`s hard though since I live in such a small town, there are no book stores around me and my local library has very limited books.. I`ve basically read all of them hahah. Don`t judge, I grew up in my local library as a kid (;

I had been hearing lots about digital book readers and my friend had a nook color that she let me look at. I really liked the concept of being able to get books whenever I wanted (at a discounted price). Plus it`s so portable , and lights up so I can read it at night. I hate laying on my side in my bed and having to constantly flip sides when I have to turn the page haha. So I was really interested in getting one, I just didn`t know what was the best so I talked to my mom about it.. I just put off buying it.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I opened this up from my parents :) This is the kindle fire. I hadn`t even heard about it before, but it`s really neat! She got it on black friday so I think it was 199 but I`m not sure. It`s basically like a cheaper iPad. You can have apps, read books, play games, listen to music, and watch tv and movies.

In all honesty, I only have books on this thing besides a chess app haha. It`s so amazing! I bring it to school everyday and read it between classes and at lunch time and whenever I have free time. You wouldn`t believe the little minutes you can squeeze a couple pages into that I would have spent doing something less important. When I first got this thing I was reading a huge book a day! It was insane. Now I usually read four or five a month, which isn`t bad considering the little free time I have. I have always been a fan of books though. I like being able to turn pages, and physically hold a book... yes I`m weird like that. Also I like being able to lend them to all my friends.. but kindles really are amazing! For one thing, they`re saving paper, and I can read them whenever I want, and it`s much cheaper.. Although I have racked up quite the book bill in my amazon account :/

Overall, I`m so happy to have this little gadget and recommend it to everyone! So tell me what you guys think!

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