My new iphone 4s case

4 years ago

I went to the summer nightmarket yesterday with my sister and cousin. The nightmarket is popular for it`s cheap yet delicious food. I spend too much money on food whenever i go here LOL i`ll be making a separate post on what I ate there. Aside from food, they also have many other booths with jewelry, stationary, cell phone cases etc. It`s also super easy to bargain ;) I got a cute bracelet for only $3. YAAAAY!!

One of my weaknesses is cellphone cases, everytime I see a cute one I ALWAYS have to buy it! I`m sure I buy a new case everytime I go to the nightmarket LOL i was sooooo excited when I saw this floral case, I`ve seen it on tumblr and instagram but didn`t know where I can get one. I`m so happy i finally found it! There were so many colours; blue, red, black, yellow, purple etc. My favourite colour is blue but I fell in love with this red one so I had to get it! I wanted to get the purple and yellow but my sister somehow talked me out of it -.- I regret not getting them now especially since they were only $10 each. Im so in looove with this case, I`m definitely going back and getting more colours :)

<strong><em>How often do you change your cell phone cases?</strong></em>

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