My New iPhone 4!!!

4 years ago

For the last few months, the charging port on my old phone has been busted. It still worked, but I would have to have my phone and charger in a certain position and/or have something sitting on it to make it charge. It was so annoying, so finally I decided to invest in a phone that was actually good quality. I went online to Verizon`s website to find that the iPhone 4 was FREE with the 2 year contract. I have always done 2 year contracts with my last few phones, so I had job problem at all with doing that. The only thing that I did have to pay for was the $30 upgrade fee, and just over $1 for taxes. Shipping was free too! I got the smallest plan they had (which is more than enough for me!) and it`s only costing me $30 per month (plus my usual $9.99 for unlimited texting), so not a bad price at all! I am VERY excited! It came in the mail today and it basically activated itself. More than handy, to me! I have a case for it arriving in the mail tomorrow. YAY. Who else loves their iPhone? I`m actually posting this from my phone right now and it`s actually really easy!

*Photo is MINE.
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