My New Heels :D

4 years ago

I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes!

I got told by my cousin that all the bridesmaids, including me, needs to have silver heels for her wedding. It really annoyed because I don`t really love the colour silver and I already planned to buy these other shoes for the day, that were cheaper than these I must say. But when I was hunting around for silver heels I found these shoes in Zu in Frankston. I really wanted to get basic silver pumps but they sadly don`t really fit me that well.. I mean like they keep slipping off me so I was looking around for ones with straps that WEREN`T ugly.
And again I cannot tell you how much I adore and love this store! I love all their shoes so very much! lol

I went in there last Monday to check out their shoes again to see if they had any silver heels that I liked. I still really loved these ones so I asked them if they had my size. They didn`t have my size but they offered to order some in for me. I said yes, and I got them today.

These were part of the season sale which as great! They were $60 but originally I bet they were around $120.. (Their shoes are quite out of my price range). When I went to pick them up today they said I got them at the right time because they are now $10 more expensive. Haha YAY ME!!! I know you`re thinking $10 isn`t that much but to me it is! Especially when you don`t have the money.. :(

I love these heels. They look very cute and innocent with the strap and the black button on the side but with a edgy side with the killer platform on them!! Haha I never knew how tall they were until I tried them on when I got home! I`m not use to heels being that high but I`ll get use to them.. Hopefully :
I`m not a fan of glitters but these are an exception! <3
[[images are mine]]

Oh yeah and I also love the bag. The bag is actually the shoe box but with an added string on the side :P

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