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4 years ago

I have four non carpet space (kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and entrance)...So when they get dirty I had to clean it in old Indian style that I hate. Basically you get water and cleaning agent (I add little alcohol). Then take old cloth, get on your knees and clean the floor. It is pretty disgusting but that`s how they do it back home. I could use mop but I do not like using it because the sponge doesn`t really get clean and bacteria just sits there and multiplies. In India they have old tee that is used and then washed (Reuse anybody) I don`t like to wash that dirty cloth and keep it lying in the house so I use bunch of paper towel.

Now my hubz got me a steam mop. So simple. You place the pad they sent (2 of them) and pour water. Wait for water to get hot and start mopping. Some spots are easy to clean and some (between cracks) can be cleaned if you place the mop over it for few seconds. I had dough stuck to the floor, it cleaned most of it but not all. It cleaned well but it doesn`t get behind the toilets. My husband didn`t really notice the difference (booooooooooo him). Unfortunately you can`t add anything but water. The pads are re-washable in washer...I don`t like that but no option.

By the way, my husband got it from a website deal. It is originally about $90-100 and from deal we got it for $50 I think.
I used it only once. So far I give 3.5/4.
*Pics are mine

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