My New Hair! :D Hit or Miss???

4 years ago

Well it isn`t that new but not many people have seen it yet.

Last time I was on holiday, in November/December, I stayed at my friends place for 4 weeks and his mum told me I would suit her style. I surprised me because I was actually thinking about cutting my hair like that for a while but was too scared to do it. But because she said it would look really good on me I decided to cut it.
So, I actually had this hair cut for awhile... Since the day before Christmas. :)
But I also wanted to get it dyed. I originally wanted my old ranger/brown hair back because I missed it and started to get bored of my black hair. But I wanted it to be fresh and new before I left for the Philippines (which was last month in May :D).. So yeah I got it dyed the day before I left haha.

And when I got it dyed I also got it trimmed and reshaped because it grew A LOT!! I wasn`t sure to dye it the colour I had before or tone it down a tad, so I showed the hairdresser some pictures of what it looked like before. I also let him have the second opinion because he knows whats better, like what he chose to do with my hairstyle.
We chose to tone it down. I think we chose a copper like colour. It`s brown but in the light it looks more ranga :P

I loved it but then after a wekk of being in the Philippines my hair grew quite a lot and I wanted it to look good for my cousins wedding.. So I cut it a day before the wedding hahaha..

And NOW I just got back from the Philippines, been there for a month and my hair colour has gotten way darker than what it originally was. And i`m sad. I might have to re dye it again but this time i`m going lighter like what it was like 3 years ago..

I`ll post a picture of what it was 3 years ago, and tell me which one looks better on my. Now or then!?? And also which one looks better my natural colour and LONG hair OR my SHORT hair???
[[images are mine]]

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