My New Guess Glasses!

4 years ago

Hey guys! So today I wanted to share with you guys my new pair of Guess Glasses! I wear glasses everyday (and have been for many years). In fact, I was prescribed eyewear when I was only 12 years old. In all honesty I wouldnt wear them much back then because I didnt want to get teased, but it`s so important to wear your glasses if you`ve been prescribed because otherwise it can worsen your sight.

So as I got older and as I realized what a difference it made (to my distance vision, I`m near-sighted), I began wearing them everyday. My last pair were very neutral, didn`t stand out on my face, and that`s what I wanted. Now I`ve really grown into my glasses and I really wanted to jump on the nerdy glasses trend! I wanted a big, thick frame because now I`m confident in them, and I actually find them very fashionable! I can also afford a nice pair now, lol.

So here they are, they`re a very dark navy blue (you mostly can`t even tell they`re not black, I often forget). They are, exactly as I wanted, big, thick frames. I absolutely love the look of them on and of course because of the difference it makes for my vision. In fact, because these are such big frames, you can see all my eye makeup through them! Before I had slim, small frames, and they kind of hid whatever I`d done, but these accentuate it!

I hope you guys like em, but if not (they`re def not everyone`s taste) no worries! Hope you`re enjoying the holidays and happy Luuuxing!

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