My new FREE printer!

5 years ago

okay, okay... this wasn`t technically free. it was a replacement for my printer that had broken but was under warranty, BUT i think i still got away with a pretty awesome deal.

in august, i purchased a printer to use at college. i don`t want to pay per page and have to go downstairs to the printing center whenever i need to print, especially not at 2 AM or something like that, so i got my very own printer. i purchased the HP deskjet 1055. it came with a printer USB cable and two ink cartridges and i think i bought it on sale for $35 or $40, which i thought was a ridiculously good deal. i`m not looking for anything fancy! just something that`ll print when i need it to.

i used it through first semester and up until a week ago, it was working marvelously! then suddenly the little turning things that feed paper into the printer stopped working. they would feed paper halfway into the printer and then stop working.

i contacted HP customer support and BLESS THEM, they were super nice! they sent me a replacement and i received the replacement today. it`s a refurbished model, but they actually sent me an upgrade - the HP deskjet 3050A J611. the original one i purchased was seriously like the simplest printer ever - all it did was print, copy, and scan. this one does all three of those but it also has wifi, so i don`t have to bother with a printer cable! i have my laptop hooked up to it now and it`s printing and scanning beautifully without any cables :)

WHAT`S EVEN MORE AWESOME is that with the replacement printer, HP also sent me two brand new ink cartridges! ink cartridges are RIDICULOUSLY expensive (this printer and my previous printer both use HP 61 ink, and the combo pack costs $30.99 at target!) and for them to send me that is really awesome! they also sent me an additional printer cable and power cable, which is really awesome in case anything ever stops working. plus, i think we have a shortage of USB printer cables at my house so that`s nice to get one for free :)

i still have a limited warranty until this august, which is a year from when i originally purchased my printer in store. if anything happens to this printer, i can call again and ask for another replacement, but so far so good :)

have you ever had to get anything replaced with a warranty?

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