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It honestly feels like forever since I posted something! I have seriously been SO SO SO SO busy! But I have recently become absolutely obsessed with ebay and heaps of other online shopping sites! So the other day I bought these two polishes and I knew I just had to post something about them! I got them both in a package of ebay for $20, I know CHEAP! In aus OPI is seriously crazy expensive so I was pretty happy with this, I havent tried to two products together but I know when I do I will love them! I love the Over the Taupe polish because its something that I can wear to work (which is corporate attire) and I can still have pretty nails! So I have now officially started my OPI collection, hopefully I`ll be buying a new one ever 1-2 weeks so keep your eyes peeled for my polish blogs! Ahhhh!! So excited!

So comment what are some OPI polishes that you recommend? And also do you know of any other websites where you can get cheap OPI polishes?

OH AND OH MY GOD! Cannot believe I forgot! I have now also officially started my new make up brush collection, waiting on my 24 set of BOBBI BROWN brushes to come in the mail! WEEEEE! Haha! what are some collections you have? And also what else should I start collecting make-up wise? MAC is just so expensive here in Aus so ive been keeping my eyes open for stuff on ebay but so far no luck! well nothing I really liked anyway :(

Carpe Diem

- link for the essie pic PICS ARENT MINE!

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