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4 years ago

Many of you may already know about The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). If not, you can check the website for a more in-depth details.

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Basically, it`s a way in which ONLY oil is used to for cleaning a face.

I was having problems with my adult acne in the past 12 months. I bought & tried so many products claimed to help with acne. Some were alright at making acne goes away quicker. Some were useless. But still, I had to deal with the problem continuously. I never had any problems with acne during my teenage years. I only had a pimple (or two) as part of my PMS, other than that my skin was very good. So having 2-3 pimples on my face all the time is something I consider as a serious problem.

One of my friends suggested the OCM to me and adult acne was a thing of a past! I`m not doing a full on version of it though. What I do on a daily basis is removing my makeup or any impurity on my face with the oil before I have a shower. I just message the oil all over my face to melt the dirt etc. Wipe it off with cotton balls/pads. Then I use my favourite cleansing foam to double my skin.

I have a combination skin which is very very oily on my T-Zone & really dry around my eyes & cheeks. The ratio I use is 1:3 (Castor Oil: Olive Oil)

Since the full OCM is very time consuming, I usually do the full process once a week to really clean deep into my skin. I suggest if you have bad acne you should start by doing the full process everyday to begin with. See how your skin is after 1-2 weeks. Then you can decide whichever way works best for you.

Good luck!!

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