My New Beasts : TJ MAxx headphones

Hey guys ,this line of headphones are like the cute> I had the pink ones before and they had awesome bass, etc. well I think they did.... I dont really remember ne ways ya, but they broke in the airport when i sat on them me + the weight of my over stuffed carry on (which the ladies surprisingly let me keep under my seat)
+ me pulling on the cord not knowing where it is= a broken pair of headphones. Ya, so when I saw these I was like HALLELUJAH!! But then I took time to reconsider because they`re green. Idk didn`t fit my personality. Bt then I rethought : of ccourse it does look at tht smiling bubbly face and those glasses, it looks like you, LOl. ya so that`s how I wound up buying these headphones. I can;t remember using them since I bought them. Which prob. means I haven`t but I will soon. I am planning on buying the 64 gb ipod from this website ( i have a LOONG way to go )
ya so guess what all you ppl who think youre cool w/ beats im cooler cuz i have BEASTS which aree cuter and just as functional lol jk. seriously though, beats aren`t all that ive listened to them before. :/ also i don`t want to be deaf by having extremely loud bass and treble ringing trouble my eardrums. no offense or anything. It would be tempting too, because I listen to my music really loudly. It was a joke calm you pants

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