My New Bag From The Philippines :)

4 years ago

I always wanted a bag like this but never actually found any that I liked and I wasn`t sure if it was `me`. But my cousin said that I should get one because it would suit me.. So I tried looking for some while on my holiday but couldn`t find any, BUT..

While I was in the car driving down the streets where the small stores were we passed this store that caught my eye. They had a number of these just hanging up around their store. I HAD to check them out because they were the only ones that I saw all month. So I made my dad stop the car :P.

When we got to the store some other chick was already looking at the one that I wanted GRRRR! RAGEE!!. I didn`t really like the other colours because they were too bright and orange like lol so I decided to hang around and wait until they leave and get that bag but they never left and we had to go.
I wasn`t sure if I should get the other colour that I liked or not. But I got it because it now or never because I was leaving to go back home in 2 days time.

It`s pretty cool because it can be a shoulder bag but you can just it to be a backpack :D


...and also iv`e never used it and I don`t think I ever will so I was thinking to give it away on luuux. So LET ME KNOW IF ANY OF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED! And i`ll consider it :) :)
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