My new bag =D

5 years ago

Today was a beautiful day,it looked windy and sunny at the same time ,so it was perfect to go shopping with my friends yay!.Today i went to Ross .I haven`t been to Ross in a long time, I`ve been to DDS a lot of times and it bored me a little bit.But those are really good stores,for men and women and children too.I;ve bought so many things that cost be 20$ or less WHICH IS A GOOD DEAL FOR ME .

I wanted a new bag because the ones i have are ripping or are to little,I carry to much things and they don`t fit in my little bag.When i go to the stores the first thing i do is pass by the bags.=D

When i was walking by the bags i saw this brown bag and i fell in love with it .I`ve never owned a brown bag before ,so i was excited to buy it.This bag cost be 15$ not bad for a huge bag is it?

I like how big this bag is ,the sparkly things look so cute it adds some girly in it.The bag is pretty big from the inside ,it has like 5 pockets.A lot of people were buying bags.I also bought 4 bags for my cousins in Mexico.They are really pretty too.All be posting them next time.

My sister wanted this bag but i told her it was mine and she couldn`t have it.=D i told her she could borrow it and she said yeah!She has more bags than i do ,but i could use them anytime anywhere.What do you think of my new bag?Oh is this is my first time owning a new brown bag ,and i`m so glad lol =)

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