My name is Brigitte, I`m a shopaholic.

4 years ago

In a Greek tragedy there is the protagonist who possesses great characteristics and most importantly, a Hamartia.
A Hamartia is the character`s "Fatal flaw", or weakness, which provokes the series of misfortunes.

My name is Brigitte, I`m a shopaholic. In the 21st century my Hamartia is quite common- I love to buy pretty things.

In a sale- you`ll see me with dozens of hangers, balancing precariously along my arm. In the markets- I spend hours browsing through beautiful vintage pieces, with aching shoulders from the heavy clothes.

Now some questions for Luuuxers:
What is your harmatia?
What is the largest amount of pieces you`ve bought in a single transaction?
What sort of clothing do you buy the most?


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