My Nail Polish Collection: Zoya

4 years ago

Here`s another installment of my nail polish collection! This is another one of my sub-collections that is smaller. In fact I owe this one completely to 2 swaps I did with 2 fabulous girls here on Luuux! One is Eve Nguyen who you guys either already know or should check out if you don`t wanna miss out on a great blogger, and the other is Sarah W who hasn`t blogged in a while but has great posts up still that you can check out. I actually had 4 zoya polishes but my mom took one, lol.

I own 3 zoya polishes, and all three are just STUNNING. They are all shimmery finishes, and they are anything but the obnoxious kind of shimmery. Sometimes shimmery polishes can look a bit childish (depending on the brand that`s made them), but these are classy colours with beautiful dimension. In fact, these shimmery polishes have such fine shimmers that they border on looking like they have a sheen rather than a shimmer.

The first colour I own is Clara, which is a mid-tone warm pink with a gold shimmer/sheen. It`s a feminine, soft and pretty shade that I love wearing all year! It can be especially nice during the winter months (contrary to what you`d guess) because it warms up the otherwise cold, dark makeup clothing and accessories typically sported. Because my skin is drier during the winter months too I find that this helps make my hand look pretty again, lol.

The next polish is Jules, which is one of the most unique shades I`ve ever seen! It is a very white-grey/silver with a gold shimmer/sheen. It is a shade that just blows me away everytime I wear it. Again, a colour that is super flattering on the nails, and something that I personally like to save for going out or special occasions, although you could wear this everyday!

The last shade I have is Edyta. I`m so glad that I received this polish because I don`t know that I would ever necessarily buy this on my own. However, this is one of my more used polishes considering how unique it is! It`s a forest green with a gold and green shimmer/sheen. It is absolutely stunning on the nails, perfect for the holidays, but also if you`re looking to darken up your look (it can compliment smokey makeup very nicely).

I absolutely adore these three polishes (but as you might have noticed I don`t have many polishes that I don`t like)! I hope you guys are enjoying these nail collection posts! Check out my previous posts on the rest of my collection if you havent. I have a few more brands to go and then I`ll be moving on to showing you guys my makeup collection! I`m excited for that :).

Happy Luuuxing everyone!

All images and opinions are my own.

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