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4 years ago

Hey guys! Here`s another installment of my Nail Polish Collection series. I`m getting to the end of the brands I have, although this segment includes a brand that I obviously have a very large range from! Sally Hansen is typically around $3 here in Canada, but at one point there was a drugstore near my workplace that was selling them for $1.50. I was still building my collection at that point and I got so excited at that pricepoint that I purchased all the colours that I wanted! (Their selection was mostly the colours I bought, lol.)

I have a range of colours and finishes from this line. I have shimmery opaque shades, to metallics, to creamy pastels, to glittery topcoats. I apologize for the formatting of the names being off on the second line, I`m not sure why that happened. Regardless, the names are all listed below the second and third picture if you`re interested in picking these up.

Although I have quite a range from Sally Hansen, I don`t get as much use out of this brand as I do from others. In particular, I don`t find myself ever wanting to apply Marine Scene, Ivy League, or Purple Potion. I`ve worn these a few times but they`re much prettier in the bottle than they are on the nails. On the other hand, I think there are a few standout shades to this line. The four cream finish polishes: Sun Kissed, Green with Envy, Blue Me Away, and Lacey Lilac are all great cream colours! I think they`re good basics that you dont` need to spend more money than Sally Hansen costs. Again, I don`t think I`ve worn each of these more than twice.

The two glitter top coats in this line are absolutely stunning! I`ve actually gotten the most use out of Strobe Light from this line, in fact I`ve finished half the bottle already! I absolutely love that colour and how amazing it looks on a variety of shades (from light blues to nudes to pinks). The other top coat is great too but I don`t wear purple polish as much as I used to so I don`t get the opportunity to use that topcoat as often. The unique shades in this line are pretty but again, not colours I reach for very often. Celeb City and Red Carpet are both really fun shades, but I don`t wear them often either.

Although I don`t wear all these colours all the time, I`m glad I have them. There are colours that I like having and are nice to wear with certain outfits or for certain occasions that I wouldnt want to have paid a ridiculous amount for. Overall, that`s my feeling towards Sally Hansen polishes as well as my collection for them.

I wouldn`t necessarily recommend any of these, but I wouldnt say don`t buy them either. I think this is one of those lines where if your looking for a unique shade that they have its great to own it from them, but they`re not amazing colours that you must have or else, lol. If you are looking for my favourites I would say get Strobe Light and Blue Me Away. I love those the most :). Hope you enjoyed and happy Luuuxing!

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