My Mother`s Day Gift

4 years ago

I got my mother`s day gift a day early because my son...well, he doesn`t keep secrets well. Apparently he was very excited about the gift he picked out and couldn`t wait for one more day. We were sitting in the living room and he goes "Happy Mother`s Day!" He is little and I don`t think really understood it was tomorrow (especially with all of the Mother`s Day specials that have been running on Nick Jr... I think that confused him, too) so I said "Thank you, baby!" All bright eyed he told me "I got you something!" To which I responded "You did?" and he proudly said "Yup! A NECKLACE!".... I swear his eyes lit up. LOL!

My husband went and got it since our son spilled the beans. It was adorable, though. They went to the jewelers and my husband had our son pick out the necklace that he liked. They ended up with this beautiful white gold chain necklace with my son`s birthstone on it and a chip of diamond above it. I absolutely love it. It is dainty and because it is a birthstone I feel that I can wear it with any outfit without worrying that the piece doesn`t work with it. When it comes to birth stones, I don`t bother to match up the piece with the clothing. I have a "mother`s ring" which was bought for my first mother`s day and it has my son`s birthstone and chips of diamonds in hearts along side the stone and set in a white gold band. I always wear it. It never, ever comes off of my finger. I treat it the same as I do my wedding ring. So, now I have a beautiful necklace to match my ring!

Happy Mother`s Day to all the mamas here on Luuux! Let your mother know you love and appreciate her.


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