My Mother`s Day Gift

4 years ago

Yesterday was Mother`s Day, May 13th. So Happy Belated Mother`s Day for all you mamas out there lols. My mom is my best friend and I just love her to death. Shes the person I can tell everything to her, and I just admire her. Shes freaking awesome! :)
My gift was pretty last minute, I just had no idea what to get her. I was contemplating on getting her a Coach wallet, but that would have cost me an arm and leg hahas, plus shipping/handling wouldn`t have arrived on time. So I walked around a bunch of stores that weekend, one of them being Target. I looked around and saw this amazing, sleek, handy jewelry box. She has A LOT of jewelry and she normally just stuffs it in an ordinary, plain box or in those little Chinese silk bags. And its pretty time consuming and unorganized, so I thought it would be pretty cool for her to use. There are drawers and a top compartment to put all your rings and earrings. I might do a thorough review on it. There were a bunch of these lying around on the shelf, and I just chose the best looking one. This baby was $22, I think it was on sale.
I also bought her 2 pajama pants, a coral & a lavender color, which were on sale that week, $7 each(pretty good deal right). I got them both in a size Small, which was surprising big, but it was the only size left. So shes gonna get them altered. The brand is Gilligan & OMalley and there were matching tshirts to go along with it, but it was all bigger sizes
And lastly, I bought her the prettiest card ever. It caught my attention with the pink and floral design. I read what it said, and I needed to get it because it just fit everything I feel. It says:
"To my Mother, I don`t know if you realize how much I admire you, but I do. You`ve been a role model for me, not in just the way you raised me, but in the way you live in your own life. I`ve learned so much from you, Like what it means to be really giving and caring, how important it is to be fair, how to believe in myself and in my ideals. Your example has shared the way I think and feel and believe more than you know, and I`m proud to be your daughter. Happy Mother`s Day!"
The card was so beautiful, I didn`t want to do anything that would mess it up lols. So instead of writing on the card the old fashion way, I went through our photo albums looking for a nice picture of me, my brother, and sister. And I chose a really old baby pic of us from 1993, all of us sitting on the sofa. I wrote a bunch of cheesy, mushy stuff on the back of the photo and just stuffed it in there, and just sealed it in a decorated envelope. The card was $3.69 and the manufacturer was Carlton Cards.
I hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday. Leave a comment on what you guys gave to your mother, grandmothers, etc. Thanks for reading guys! =)

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