My Most Used Bags Of All Time!

5 years ago

I`m the type of girl that does not stay with one handbag or bag, I always rotate depending mostly on the size and such of the bag, and how it suits my outfit!

I have a lot of bags, I`ve filled the back of my door, a bag rack and many storage containers put away full of them!

I decided it being the start of the year I should share which ones I have used the most in the past couple of years; some you can see have been battered and bruised I guess you could say.

All of it is a mix between designer bags and no-brand bags! But they are all very orginal in my collection; and i don`t really have two of the same!

<strong> The bags..</strong>

The green Guess one out the front is real! I got this ages ago from my mum; who had finished using it as a bag. I didn`t know the price of bags that much 3 or 4 years ago when i got it; so now I treat it with care!
The Coca Cola one is amazing! I may do a seperate post on it; i got it from Coca Cola world or land of whatever in Las Vegas!
The silver one out the front is one i have had for a while; it`s just a beautiful small silver design that matches more formal outfits!
The one behind the silver one is a black bag that has the fake alligator skin feel; i used to use this all the time and I still love it!
Behind that one is the purple one; I simply adore this one! It is just stunning!
The brown bag behind it was my handbag for a while and also a sometimes school bag on easy days!
The Bron bag with flowers on it is a Fossil bag which I scored for only $220 from a $300 price tag or something! This served as my school bag all of last year! I love it! But it`s really really dirty now; i should have taken more care of it and regret not doing so.
The silver one next to it is one i got off my friend for a birthday; it`s a simple design but I love it netherless!
The huge one behind it is so beautiful! That was my school bag for I think year 8 (Which is now like 2 years ago or more) and the straps have been breaking for a while now. but it`s still holding in and serving for sleepovers thanks to some black duct tape!
The last purple one handing out the back is the newest out of the lot; it`s very boho hippie inspired, but it is so beautiful and the fabric is amazing!
In the very right hand front corner is a small black backpack; which i accidently included; but I still love it.

These are all my faves! I did not include any backpacks except the black one; but i do love some of my backpacks. These are just the ones I use most of the time! I might do a backpack one in the future or something; but i use handbag type ones a lot more!

<strong> DO you own any of these? Which one is your fave out of mine?</strong>

<strong> All content is mine, please do not steal or reuse without my permission.</strong>

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