My MIM Visit

Hey guys, so MIM is a museum in Arizona, it think in Phenix. And its all about music. It`s actually pretty cool. There are many instruments from all over the world. On the econd level, you walk thorugh exhibit from other country and sample their music w/an electronical tour guide that yoiu hear the stuff thorugh as you are near them. We ahad a real one as well shince it was a school group. It was pretty awesome. At one point, we had extra time os my friends and I found this really cool spot and took pics and talked, etc. I would have posted pics but I cant find them. I stumbled into this vid. and decided it wiuld do fine. Ya, well in the video I was in this room that they have on the lower level which is like DIY. They have selcted instruments from th upper level, and you can play them. Drum, Gongs, harps, really cool unique stuff, xylphones. Its awesome. If you ever get the chance to go, do not pass it up.
Do you like my skills? haha

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