My Macbook Pro!

4 years ago

photos are mine, please do not take.

So i actually havent posted about what i thought about my Macbook yet, but i think it has been enough time for me to post some thoughts.

So i did get this lovely Macbook Pro like a week or so ago, and i honestly love it. I did use my brothers old White Macbook before, and i thought it was really to use and it truely is.
I was a PC user all of my life, and i think that the Mac is different but it sure isnt hard to use // learn! It is quite easy to get the hang of it, just a couple of buttons differently placed or like cheat-cheat keyboard ways but overall i love it.
It hasnt froze, shut down or even lagged on me once ever since i got it. And it is super fast. Like when i close a tab/window down, it goes down like in a second! It is pretty quick when loading up programs or softwares as well!

I also love the sleek look of it. I love that sliver colour and in the dark how the keyboard and even the Apple on the front lights up. Im thinking of getting tons of cute decals and a case over it as well!

Overall, i really am enjoying it. I think it is very pricey but i think it was worth it and alot of people said that "Once you go Mac, you dont go back!" and i think it is true!

any questions or comments? Write below!
*photos are mine
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