My Macbook Experience w Pictures

5 years ago

I`ve owned my macbook for about 4 years now so I have some experience with this baby to know if I should recommend this or not.

I`m pretty much going to tell you my likes/dislikes so I don`t rant on and on.

- It`s more light weight than other laptops.
- <strong>FREE</strong> iPod Touch 8GB OR HP scanner/printer/copier/photo printer with purchase. (Rebate, money comes back FAST)
- NEVER get a virus. i used to get viruses on a daily basis with PC`s.
- Amazing for graphic/movie design.
- Easy to use.
- <strong>VERY</strong> sturdy. I`ve dropped and thrown this a ridiculous amount of times.
- I like the simple look of it.
- Battery life is pretty good. I`ve had the same battery for about 2 1/2 years. It`s $130 for a replacement.

- Hard to find software that`s compatible with MAC.
- Price. $1,000 is ridiculous now that I`ve had time to think about it. It`s really all about the brand name.
- In the pictures, you can see it`s falling apart on the edges. This can be fixed for FREE if you take it back to the Apple store, but they should have got it right the first time.
- The screws have been falling out at the bottom recently.
- I <strong>hated</strong> the fact that it didn`t come with iWork (equivalent of Microsoft Word) pre-installed, so I had to pirate Microsoft Word for MAC.

I can go on and on, but I won`t.
I would recommend this for people that are designers (graphic/movie)
If you`re a college student and you need a laptop, stick with a PC. It`s more affordable and it`s simple and has everything you need.

So, if you own a macbook, how do you feel about it?
If you don`t and are wondering if you should get one, does this review help?

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