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Hello Luuuxers,
I havent been on Luuux for a while, and with this post I wanted to explain the break that I took to my friends and followers. And hopefully to clarify a thing or two for Luuux community.
After Luuux shop scandal, many bloggers have posted their thoughts on Luuux, and many have left the site, I decided not to delete my account, just to take a break and see what happens... As things cooled down, Im sharing my Luuux story goes like this:
Got interest for Luuux after hearing many positive things about it
First post on May 4th 2012
Shop is unstable
Clicking, posting, liking, commenting all day and night. Even though shop was not working, I believed in Luuux all the way, and I invested TONS of time and energy, hoping that I will earn my prize. Not get it for free, but earn it!
On September 26th 2012 I had enough Luuux $. My goal was to get Mia Clarisonic, and I had enough points for both product and shipping.
Shop still not working, Luuux looks like a scam and I put it on hold.
Mia Clarisonic was in my shopping cart and I felt like it was basically stolen from there. Its not my fault that shop didnt work! I feel robbed! I worked hard for my prize! And I deserved it!
And then the new shop came in. Major disappointment prevails in Luuux community. Amount of points that I have now is about far from the new price. That is insane! However, I like blogging and I have my blog, which I started long before I discovered Luuux. So eventually, I posted a bit here and there, about things that I find new and interesting and some random thoughts on different things.
At the same time, I wanted to get an official answer from Luuux on some questions that bothered me. So I sent email to both staff and to moderators. ONLY TWO moderators answered and I want to thank them! After few emails and LOOONG waiting time (February- Jun), I got an answer form staff. And I was pleasantly surprised that they answered my questions and as a compensation for misunderstanding, they offered to sent a Luuux brush set. Due to previous experience, I didnt wanted to get too excited and post anything about it, before I see the package with my own eyes. Today package arrived to my door and I wanted to share this with Luuux community. Check my pic :)
So problems can be solved, but be aware that it takes long time.
I feel good that problem IS solved, and I will continue to post on Luuux. Ill start using brushes and soon will give you review on them.
I would also like Luuux staff to be more efficient with problem solving. It means a lot for us-users to, at least, get a mail from you guys saying- were working with it, or it cant be fixed, or shop is closed Anything!

I know that this is a longest post ever, but I hope you will find answer to some of your questions too.

Picture is mine, please do NOT steal!
You are welcome to comment, rate and subscribe :)

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