My LUUUX Prize Was Broken :(

5 years ago

I`ve been needing a new flat iron for a really long time now -- so when I saw the Enzo Milano 1`` pro flat iron in the LUUUX shop, I immediately used my points to get this item!

There weren`t many reviews for it online, but I figured my hair isn`t super thick, so any flat iron would probably work decent enough for me.

I was super excited when I received this flat iron! I took photos of the packaging and all before I tried the product (for future reviews). Then I plugged it in... and it didn`t turn on! I thought... maybe my outlet is messed up. I tried another outlet. I tried other appliances in the same outlet (which worked). I couldn`t believe the flat iron didn`t turn on!

I then played around with it a bit more and found out that I was sent a faulty flat iron :( The iron shipped directly from "Beauty Encounters" paid for by LUUUX.

The off/on switch is broken. I had to push the little switch over toward "on" really really hard and then "on" light then turned on -- but would not stay on unless I kept applying a lot of pressure to the switch. It got to the point where it left imprints on my finger. Just totally not practical/functional.

I had contacted the LUUUX shop about this to see if they can help. The LUUUX team sent me an email back saying they put a request in with the company (Beauty Encounters) to set up a return and they`re waiting to hear back.

It`s been a few days and I still haven`t heard back yet :( I guess it`s taking a bit longer since this didn`t ship directly from LUUUX. I am hoping I don`t have to pay for return shipping costs.

I`m super bummed because I was super excited to give this flat iron a try. I guess I`ll have to do a bit more waiting.

* photos are my own *

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