My Lush Christmas Lip BalmTint Collection Thoughts.

5 years ago

Celebrate Lip Tint, Snow Fairy Lip Tint, Chili Tingle Lip Tint and Maple Taffy Lip Balm

So im sure its no suprise to you by now that i love Lush cosmetics and i also love lip balms! so ever since i have been into lush i have been collecting there lip balms/tints every christmas. I do only collect the ones that i like what is normaly all of them aha. The christmas lip balms/tints always seem to be a little bit cheaper than the all the time ones, maybe its to get you to buy more? well it sure works with me!
these are not all my lip balms/tints just the latest ones i have, im not sure if i should be showing you ones you might not be able to get anywhere anymore?

Celebrate Lip Tint; This was the first lip tint i was attracted to last year,i love my light pinks. This lip tint is a light pink colour with a frosty finish, its ment to be like your drinking pink champagne on a cold winters night im not sure how true this is aha! its even ment to smell like pink champagne, at first i couldnt really smell anything but after a while of sniffing i have found out it smells just like snow showers what is a christmas shower jelly lush discontinued a while ago. The lip tint also has some yellow/gold flakes ontop, im really not sure what these are for? but hey ho! makes it look pretty.

Snow Fairy Lip Tint; I now have two of these lip tints, that shows how attacted im getting to it, i got my first one in 2010 and after owning it for a week i just wanted to get another one just incase lush didnt bring it back the next year! to my suprise they were all sold out so im so glad they brought them back this year. The lip tint is ment to smell just like lush`s famous snow fairy shower gel, to me it smells like that but with a more plasticy note in it, but id rather this than the normal snow fairy smell. i do love it but it gives me a headache if i smell it to much! it comes off just the colour you see in the tin, its really very pigmented bright pink! plus its made with icing sugar and fizzing sherbet, how could you say no?

Chili Tingle Lip Tint; I have never seen anything in lush with chili in the name, well ever since i started going to lush maybe im just being blind? but im a big lover of chilis but surprising this didnt appeal to me right away i mean putting chili on your lips? im not sure how much i would love that! burning! but this smells more like chili chocolate and doesnt burn your lips at all gladly. The colour is a lovely bright orange/red. Even though im not one to be wearing `out there` colours i do love this!

Maple Taffy Lip Balm; This lip balm is said to be made for lush`s lovely canadian friends who love maple syrup, i have never smelt/tasted maple syrup before it doesnt seem like my cup of tea but i do love the smell of this. It smells like a lovely toffee mix and tastes like that to! i do have that horrid habbit of licking my lip balms off my lips after a while, good job they taste good aha. Its rather a hard lip balm with no colour at all, it needs a bit of warming up before you can use it otherwise you have a tough time and get some horrid white balm lips!

So there it is! i hope you like my thoughts on the latest lush lip balms/tints!
Maybe ill have to give my thoughts on the other ones i have in my collection.
What ones are your favorites?

*All pictures are mine, do not take*

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