My Lovely ShopLately Haul amp Reviews =)

4 years ago

I have been addicted to Shop Lately recently, and it`s crazy because I look on the website everyday to see what sales they have for the current day. This is one big haul I did from ShopLately because there were some things I been really wanting for quite some time and some was on sale that current day.

<strong>Chic Doube Cross Ring "Gold"</strong>
- Purchased: $9; Retails: $18
- It basically is one small cross on one end and a larger cross on the other end. It really is a nice delicate piece and even though it is adjustable, it`s still kind of loose so I have to push the small cross in front of the bigger cross to make it tighter a bit.
- Recommend? 50/50 because it`s still pretty pricey and you can probably find something similar for a cheaper price.

<strong>Straight Up Arrow Ring "Gold"</strong>
- Purchased: $7; Retails: N/A
- I can`t find the original price on this ring anymore because it isn`t available on the site anymore. Other than that, I really love this ring and it`s adjustable and fits snuggly on my finger. It makes a nice statement piece and I love the silver rhinestores on it as well.
- Recommend? Yes! If you see this on the website again, totally worth getting.

<strong>Double Trouble Stone Bracelet Set "Turquoise & Multicolored"</strong>
- Purchased: $9; Retails: $18
- I really love the turquoise cross and multicolored skull bracelet. I find it a little ironic how these two things are paired together but they do look nice together. For the price, it`s not bad at all because it comes with two bracelets that can be worn separately or together.
- Recommend? Yes

<strong>Oh So Beaded Bracelet "Black"</strong>
- Purchased: $8; Current Price: $10.50; Retails: $18
- This is a black and gold cord bracelet where the beading is gold tone. I do love this piece and the fact it has a drawstring closure to adjust it the way I want but it was still a tad bit big on me.
- Adjustable? Yes
- Recommend? 50/50 because even with the drawstring closure it`s still kind of big and I think it will fit people who doesn`t have a very tiny wrist.

<strong>Delicate Danger Pyramid Stud Bracelet "Gold & Silver"</strong>
- Purchased: $8; Current Price: $12; Retails: $24
- I love how this bracelet is edgy but chic at the same time. It is a very delicate bracelet with a gold tone based metal bad. I love the three row of silver tone metal pyramind studs on the top too.
- Adjustable? Yes
- Recommend? Yes

<strong>Delicate Intertwining Eternity Bracelet "Teal"</strong>
- Purchased: $6; Current Price: $7.50; Retails: $18
- I am in love with this delicate bracelet. I love how the chain is teal and gold which is such a beautiful combination and has a gold double linked circle charm on top. It`s plain yet pretty as well.
- Adjustable? Yes
- Recommend? Yes!

Overall, I am really pleased with all the items I got from this one order. Most of the works really well with many outfits and fits good with my wrist which I am happy about.

<em>What do you think of the items I purchased from ShopLately?
Are any of the items something you will wear too?
Have you ever gotten anything from this website before?</em>

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