My Lovely Lunch!

Hello everybody, so the lunch of the day today was a charbroiled chicken salad. As you can see I added the regular vegetables that come with any salad, nothing to fancy. I don`t even know why I wanted to eat a salad today because they`re usually unfulfilling for me since I am very much addicted to junk food and fast food restaurants. That sounds horrible right? I guess I need something fatty and salty so that I can feel all in the stomach. Yup I`m definitely an American.
I guess I should really rethink over my very unhealthy eating habits because starting to gain a lot of weight. Why do healthy foods have to be so tasteless? I really don`t know what I would do if you could not mix chicken into the salad because veggies on their own don`t taste that great in my opinion. Another thing that makes eating healthy difficult for me is the fact that I hate all the dressings and ranches that supposedly add flavor to the salad. However I had to add it to my salad today because otherwise my salad would have tasted like water.
I almost forgot to drink, I had to order a fountain drink because I was about to die from a lack of taste. I got a diet Dr. Pepper.
Is anyone currently actually on a diet? Tips? I think I really need some.

- Ricardo

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