My Love for Chicken

4 years ago

One thing about me is that I LOVE chicken. I love chicken wings, I love chicken tenders. I am now 21, and I can not believe how I used to not eat chicken when I was in middle school! Okay, I guess I did not eat it because I had three pet chickens in middle school, and it felt wrong to eat chicken in front of my chickens. Ever since my parents gave them away, I have been eating chicken a whole lot.

Anyway, these are chicken tenders from Smoke Eaters, which is a chicken place in the South Bay. The offer not only chicken, but some burgers, sandwiches, and snacks. Many people go their to drink as well, since they serve alcohol, but they are well known for their chicken wings, and tenders. On Thursdays, they have Chicken Tenders for $1.25 each (I think?) they used to be $1.00, but they have raised the price. They are still worth it because they are humongous! On the left, it is in the flavor Atomic. Don`t let the name fool you! Atomic is not too spicy. Unlike Wingstop, I think Wingstop`s Atomic is nasty, and bitter. Smoke Eater`s version is a bit spicy, and sweet, like spicy and sweet bbq. The right is in the flavor Thai Zing, which is not spicy at all. Instead, it`s kind of like a sweet chili sauce that`s not spicy. Ah, talking about this is making me hungry! haha. :)

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