My Louboutins: An Update!

4 years ago

i felt this was kind of a necessary post for those of you who are thinking of getting a pair of louboutins. i got my first pair through luuux a few weeks back and i`ve since had the chance to wear them out. i`ve done a lot of research in getting this single pair of shoes and i just wanted to summarize my experience with them.

okay, so originally in my post, i said i got a pair of pigalle 100`s. those actually ended up being a bit big. since the pair i got were in kid leather and not patent, they were going to stretch *a lot*. i opted to return that pair and hold on to store credit until the perfect fitting pair came into stock.

when i was at saks, my SA suggested i try on a pair of decolletes they happened to have in stock. they were in a size 35!!! that`s TINY. i didn`t think they were going to fit. lo and behold, they were quite tight but indeed, THEY FIT. my SA told me that they would for sure stretch and it`s way better to get a tight fitting pair than ones that fit perfectly or even worse, a pair that fit just a bit loose.

so even though the decolletes cut off the blood circulation in my foot, i decided to get them.

the decollete is different from the pigalle in that it has a bit more of a rounded toe. it`s still a lot pointier than an almond toe, but the tip is more rounded than that of the pigalle, which comes to a perfect point. i personally found the pigalle to be a bit wider and the decolletes really feel quite narrow.

as you can tell in the first photo above, i have worn them out. i`ve actually worn them twice! i`ve been slowly trying to stretch them out and break them in, and the only way (and best way) to do that is to wear them. however, i will say it has not been painless. i`ve had blisters, and my feet will get numb still. however, i`ve worn them once without ANY PAIN which gives me hope :) i always wear them around my apartment as much as i can too, just to try and ease them up a bit more.

the pair that i currently have are also in a kid leather, and i wanted to show how easily they scuff. in the second photo above, on the tip of the right shoe, there is a little white spot where the leather chipped (i don`t even know if that`s what it`s called!). in the third photo, you can see some red scuffs. and obviously, the bottoms are becoming less red.

i haven`t mistreated my shoes or anything. i think this is normal wear and tear, or maybe i`m just clumsy. either way, i was upset about it at first but i`m over it for two reasons:
1) they`re shoes! they`re meant to be worn on the feet and i can`t expect for them to be in pristine condition forever.
2) you really can`t tell unless you`re looking up close, and i don`t think anyone`s going to get close enough to them to see all the small little scuffs and imperfections.

as for the bottoms, i do intend on taking my shoes to a cobbler when i`m home and getting red rubber soles applied. i didn`t want to do this right off the bat for a few reasons. for one, i haven`t found a reputable cobbler near my university area. primarily, i`ve heard that cobblers have to remove the original red sole before they put on a replacement if you take your shoes in when they`re brand new. honestly, i think the worn bottoms show that i actually wear the shoes, but when i need to get new heel taps installed or something, i`ll probably also ask for a new red sole.

i hope this post has been helpful for anyone who is contemplating a pair of louboutins. they`re quite high maintenance shoes, but i think the red soles are worth it 110%. they make me feel like a million bucks :)

please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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