My Little Pony: The Social Phenomenon

5 years ago

Many people see the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show as a show for young female children, however, a big surprise came as teenage to adult males grew attached to this show. This community of pony lovers became known as "Bronies". This community of Bronies help and support each other in unimaginable ways. Stories of inspiration and overcoming adversity have come from people who`ve had personal problems and felt alone, unwanted, and on the edge before being accepted by a loving community. Conventions have also been held for these Bronies to meet up and discuss their thoughts, just look up broNYcon. Even popular icons have accepted this fandom, including Steven Colbert from The Colbert Report. The television producers have also taken notice and have even released a music parody of California Girls, specifically giving a shoutout to Bronies. Season 2 of the show (started Sept. 2011) has also started to appeal more to the male aspect, including references to popular movies such as Star Wars and The Big Lebowski. The producers have also taken fan suggestions about the background ponies and incorporated them, such as Derpy Hooves (named for her derped eyes, originally an animation error) and Dr. Whooves (Aptly named after the popular Dr. Who).
As this show rises into a cultural phenomenon, what are your thoughts on all this? Should grown men be watching this show? Should the producers keep catering to this unique fandom?

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