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call me crazy, but I am not into perfume as much as I used to be, not only that but I`ve become more practical about them too which is bananas I mean, perfume, makeup and girls go hand in hand right? well I`ll get into that.

yup, that`s it LOL and yes, they are essentially all rollerballs - here`s why. I love it when I wear perfume and 4 hrs later I can still smell it, however that doesn`t always happen with me, I feel like the scents fade away very fast so, I kinda gave up on wearing perfume. I had a bunch of bottles and they all got old way before I used them up and then it`s just wasted money. I came to the conclusion that I am more likely to go through a rollerball than a whole bottle, I can carry it with me and re apply as I want that way 4 hrs later I can still smell yummy ! so, on to the scents .....

Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon - an ounce of this will set you back over $100 but it smells .... omg I can`t even describe it, but I`ll try - it`s an adult scent, it`s not fruity or flowery or fun, it`s in fact a very sophisticated scent with notes of iris, cedar, gardenia, vetiver and musk to name a few. it`s the one perfume I wear when I`m going OUT. I think I paid about $30 for the mini but it`s well worth it

Benefit Laugh with Me Lee Lee - oh man, every time I went into sephora I`d spray myself with this, I just loved how fresh it is and feminine and just nice, it has notes of lily blossom and citrus so it`s subtle but I love it

Juicy Couture - this is a fruity one but not overwhelmingly so, it has notes of mandarin and passion fruit and wild rose, no you won`t walk around smelling like a fruit salad so no worries there but it`s definitely a spring/summer scent

Ralph by Ralph Lauren - is it crazy that I love this scent ? omg it`s just soooo good !!! apple trees, freesia, italian mandarin, magnolia - yummm. it`s not overly fruity or flowery, it`s like the perfect balance, I carry this one with me all the time

Flowerbomb - I swear I get compliments every single time I wear this perfume, not only that, but I can take off my clothes and sniff them the next day and oh yeah, it`s still very present. it`s a great scent full of rose and orchid and freesia notes

Fame by Lady Gaga - yes, I totally fell for it and quite unexpectadly I might add. I was just browsing the perfumes with my mom and tried and it and just fell in love, hard ! it`s strange because I thought it`d smell all sugary sweet like all those other perfumes by singers which I totally hate but nope, it`s also a bit of a grown up perfume with notes of belladonna, apricot, honey drops and orchidea, ugh so good !!

now I have bought at least two of the juicy and ralph so yes, I do wear them a lot lol oh good perfumes !

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