My Lipgloss Lights Up, Does Yours?

4 years ago

What Do you do when your in a dark restaurant or a movie theater or maybe in a club and you`ve been sipping and slurping (eighter way ;) or pigging out with your mouth all full and all of a sudden you see a uber Cute guy...while your sitting there still munching on something one of your girlfriend decides to take a chance with him O.o But you wanted to talk to him and you saw him first....its so not fair!!!
"Oh You lill skank move out my way, I`m coming" BUT wait you need to check your breath and your hair, fix your bra but most importantly you need to touch up your lips because when your talking to him his going to be looking at them....but how when its so dark in there :-/

well have no fear because Dle cosmetics has these amazing Light Up gloss with a mirror on one side so its really easy to touch up when your on the go. these glosses are really moisturizing too along with very pigmented color. its not super sticky nor super gloppy (ughh i hate gloppy lip glosses) and Ohhh my god i cant even begin to explain how amazing it almost smells Romantic ^_^ lol
seriously Im in love with the smell. check them out by clicking the link below and let me know if your GIRLfriend has ever done this to you??? ;)

Dle Cosmetics Light Up Lip Gloss

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