My life as a cosmetology student part 2.

3 years ago

So there I am. Sitting in the middle of a small previous garage, classroom. With no hair. I`m bald. I have about 3 centimeters of hair, my eyebrows need waxed, I was so tired, and soon as everything was over in Orientation, I bolted out the door. I went home and had two days to think about whether or not I REALLY wanted to do this. Do I really want to start a career at age 19? Do I want the responsibility that I didn`t even want in highschool of waking myself up before 8am and going to school and being a productive student? Yes. I was very hesitant on going though, I wanted to stay home and help baby sit my niece for my sister. But they told me GO. Don`t worry about us, just go to school for what you love. So I did. The first three months are the most calming, relaxing times of being a cosmetology student, in my opinion. Or maybe its when you don`t have a client and you have a friend who wants to shampoo you for five minutes, maybe thats the most relaxing. I had no idea what `being on the salonfloor ` was going to be like. but I went through my three months in the classroom and knocked out every single test and quiz and practical they handed me. studied hard and didn`t remember jack shit afterwards LOL but I did it. Made a lot of `friends`. and made a lot of memories..finally we all said, we made it to the floor. we`re here. `started from the bottom now we heerree ` haha, It was bittersweet moving on from sitting on our asses all day to rushing around trying to formulate and figure out what to do when a client wants to go from black to platinum blonde in one day (that was ME and still is! lol I love blonde hair!) Now I`ve been in school for ten months and Its just now hitting me how much my life is going to change when I graduate. which isn`t for another 4-5 months) There is so much drama is a school full of 60 women walking around age ranges from 18 to 40 married women, single ones and even single moms...there are so many types of females in that building the drama just goes swirling around the air like its normal...but what do you do when you have a client RIGHT after someone accusses you of talking shit on them? You put a smile on your face, you look the other way and you focus onehundredpercent on your client. I`ve only been in `drama` about one time..and that was because I was texting one of the part time instructors who was a full time federal aid administrator or whatever you wana call her..and I spoke to her as an adult about some drama that I heard about, and what happened, She told the owners that I went to her during school hours and told her stuff that I heard about, hmmm...well I did tell her, but if your going to nark me out, and get drama started, how bout you let them know that I TEXTED you and let you know, lol. No more drama cause guess who`s keeping the text messages ;) ` I`m not an evil person but I`d rather you not lie on me...if you`re going to start drama with me while I`m trying to be a student and you`re supposed to be instructing me not getting everything twisted, then I`m going to do the same, and I have Anyways, every thing is as good as it was before. No drama mama here (: I love school, I really do but the drama, the gossip, I`m only 20 years old, I don`t need any of that stress. thats why I don`t have a boyfriend LOL. I`m off school for two days now ( tuesday and wednesday ) because I got suspended because back in October I only went to school on saturdays for 12 1/2 hours instead of 15 Like required. Okay, I`m done :) thanks for reading and stay tuned for part 3!

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